Sunday, December 19, 2010

We had another great day!  It started out with an argument - interestingly enough.  Nathan woke us up - with a demand to go to church.  We told him that it was not a good idea -- way too much excitement, we explained that we would go next week.  Nathan would not listen to reason!  He actually threatened to take a taxi, if we didn't go with him.  It was a fantastic day - and SO many tears and hugs... and "I've been praying for you!'s"  Even complete strangers had been praying!!  Thank you everyone for all the prayers - and please don't stop!

We still need to research physical therapy, and learn what his needs are, and Nathan needs to be cooperative with that -- as well as being patient as he waits to get back to work.

Pray that Nathan stays fervent in his pursuit of God.  He is convinced that God has allowed this to happen.  He wants desperately to give his life again to God, and to please him.  He is in awe of his family -- it has brought us closer.  Praise Him!

Pray for Nathan to be strong - spiritually and physically, and that he would have a unquenchable thirst for God- and would continue to go after what God has for him!

Pray that this Christmas season would be a blessed time together for this family!

Much love ~



  1. It was wonderful to see both you and Nate this morning! It was a God given gift after so much prayer, and concern! He is on fire for Christ and it is wonderful. I will again, pray as you requested! You have an amazing family and God is fully in control! It is a blessing just to be a tiny part through prayers of Nate's story. Thanks for sharing once again, and have the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! Lots of love - Sherry

  2. So awesome to see him there this morning. And you & Mark on either side - a wonderful blessing this week! Praying, of course, and glad that Nate is taking notice of God's notice of him!

    love as always,

  3. I check every night for your update - My heart is with you and your family. I'm so glad to read the encouraging news as I continue to pray, knowing that it will likely be a long haul, nevertheless. May Nate have a full recovery, both spiritually and physically! -- Bev Larkin